Probe of PSII Photochemistry

  • It is not possible to connect the TL device to the FluorWin software. The device status in FluorWin is „Not connected“ and device info shows „Device not found“.
  • Try to connect the device with shortcut Ctrl + i. If the problem persists go to Setup → Communication and choose the Port number of the TL device. Port number you can find in Device manager of your computer. Please note that the COM Port number needs to be lower than 10. If the number is 10 or higher change it in advanced port setting.

  • In the FluorWin software appears dialog window Error updating DataControlBlock (Error: 5)
  • This dialog signalizes interruption of the connection between TL device and FluorWin SW. To prevent this error switch off the SW before TL device shutting down or disconnection of the TL device from the computer.

  • The TL device is not able to reach the set cooling temperature.
  • Insufficient cooling can be caused by corrupted circulation of cooling liquid. Please check if there is enough water in the cooling unit and the tubing of the cooling unit is not strangled and straighten it.

  • I measure the sample but can not see the resulting peak in data.
  • Probable reason is very weak TL signal. In case you measure liquid sample, concentrate more your sample. Recommended optical density is OD680 15. If you work with leaf segments, use hole punch with bigger diameter.

    Very important is detector setting available in System Monitor (Ctrl + m). The function Gain determines the magnitude of TL signal amplification. Increase the Gain a try to perform the measurement again.

    Heating rate affects also TL signal intensity. Faster heating rate increases the TL signal intensity. Please note that the TL signal peak shifts to higher temperature due to faster heating rate.

  • Can PSI Thermoluminescence work as a dosimeter working in very high temperatures?
  • No, PSI Thermoluminescence device is intended for monitoring of Photosystem II and lipid peroxidation. Maximum working temperature is 200 °C.